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Glazed Extensions

As recently as five years ago a ‘glazed extension’ wasn’t a term we ever really used but one of the key benefits of appointing us to complete your project, is that we are entirely up to speed in the development and usage of new systems that allow you to design a glazed space that’s as unique as you are.

We will work with you to design a space that takes into account how you’ll use it – whether as a play room or extra living/dining space. Also, whether you intend to open up the space to your existing property or as a closed off sanctuary for occasional use. All of these factors will be discussed with you and only after careful consideration will you finally sign off your design.

Some key design styles and how they work:


Conservatory – things have really moved on in the world of conservatory design. Not only are today’s conservatories able to deliver far superior thermal performance but there’s also the opportunity to build in extra features that will give the space greater thermal performance and greater solidity. Often you can now build in a internal pelmet system that will allow you to integrate lighting and cabling for speakers.

Perfect for: either occasional use or a space that doesn’t need to be open to the rest of your property. Allows you to create a space that brings your garden into your home.


Loggia (the modern orangery) – Loggia take the conservatory to a whole new level of thermal performance and with the addition of super-thermal columns – the more you add – the warmer the space. Combined with an internal pelmet system and external cornice, a Loggia starts to feel like a traditional extension to your home.

Perfect for: everyday use where you’d like to remove the external wall and create an open plan living environment. Loggia columns not only provide significant thermal performance but they also give you the chance to ‘bespoke’ your extension with the use of colour.

Solid roof extensions

Solid roof extensions – We use two different roof systems depending on the look that you are trying to achieve. We can even design a roof that will use the same tiles as on your property if that’s the look you want. Both roof systems deliver superb thermal performance and both deliver a beautiful vaulted roof space with the option of integrating glazing to flood your space with natural daylight.

Conservatory transformations

Conservatory transformations – if you’ve had a conservatory 10-15 years or more (or less depending on the quality of the original build) then you might consider transforming your conservatory.
As long as you’re happy with the footprint of the original design then we can replace your roof with a more modern option. We’ll need to check that the side elevations are still in suitable condition but we can advise you on that.